The ROAMEO system is setup and connected using IPedit and once up and running, the TR-1800 belt packs channels can be set up through scroll lists using the menu functionality on the unit itself or from a computer using AZedit. Once connected the belt pack displays in AZedit just as any key panel would and using the AZedit function 'reported by intercom' the panel page will display the belt pack as a 4 key panel. It is possible to programme the belt packs in exactly the same way as you would programme a panel. Thanks to its large color TFT-display, intuitive icon-based menu structure and multi-language help screens, the TR-1800 beltpack is very easy to set up and operate. The four talk/listen buttons are shaped differently and provide users with a tactile feedback, allowing operation of the device in low light conditions and without the need to look at it. With its lightweight, durable housing, the beltpack has the smallest enclosure in its class and is protected against dust and light rain. The software of the TR-1800 beltpack can be upgraded easily using an USB Flash Drive. All Absolute Broadcast's TR1800 come with the holster and strap, further enhancing the physical onsite user experience. These units sound really good. Our units are shipped with noise cancelling headsets - RTS HR-1 and HR-2 or the RTS lightweight headsets PH44 and PH88.

RTS BP325 Dual Channel Beltpack

Absolute Broadcast has 20 x BP325 in stock and can provide these with RTS HR-1 single sided noise cancelling headsets or RTS HR-2 dual sided noise cancelling headsets. The BP325 has both 4 and 5 pin headset capability. We can ship complete two wire systems ( see Two wire page ) We also stock the PS31.

We can build and spec systems to Client requirements and even build ODIN based systems that combine our ROAMEO wireless belt packs and wired BP-325's. This gives the flexibility of allowing key members of the production team to use the wireless belt packs and the standard fixed positions like follow spot or show caller to use the wired BP-325.