RTS panels from Absolute Broadcast

In addition to the Talkback Keypanels, Absolute Broadcast has a good rental stock of Matrix control panels such as LCP102, PAP32, and I/O panels such as GPIO16. All units ship with I/O cable assemblies where applicable.

RTS LCP102 - Multifunction Remote Assignment Panel

Hire RTS LCP102 Remote Assignment Panel

The RTS LCP102 multifunction remote assignment panel combines the features of an analog trim panel, a CDP (Camera Delegate) panel, and a PAP (Program Assign Panel) in a single frame. You can easily switch between three panel modes and make rapid configuration changes using the menu selector on the front panel. In each mode, you can make up to 64 assignments and then adjust the assignment levels.

For example:

In Trims mode, you can assign and adjust the analogue input and output trims for up to 64 intercom ports.

In PAP mode, you can select the program input source and set its level for each of 64 IFBs.

In CDP mode, you can assign up to 64 intercom ports to any combination of partylines and then adjust the listen level for each participant on that party line. 


Hire RTS PAP, programme assignment panel

The PAP-32 allows routing of program sources to IFB destinations. Up to three EPAP-32 expansion panels can be added for additional assignments.



Each GPIO-16 provides 16 GPI (General Purpose Inputs) and 16 GPO (General Purpose Outputs). The GPIs can be set up as remotely controlled keypanel keys to activate intercom ports, party lines, GPOs, etc. within the intercom system. the GPOs are typically assigned for activation from keypanel keys. They can be used to control lighting or to key remote transmitters, paging systems, etc. Absolute Broadcast's GPIO 16's come fully wired with 16 way I/O XLR panels. Can be used in Network or serial mode.