RTS ODIN Matrix frames from Absolute Broadcast

Absolute Broadcast has three ODIN Matrix Frames available on rental stock allowing a potential combined port count of 384. We can supply on rental any type of client specified build, from 'bare' frames to a full I/O with Dante networking and Ferrofish, and everything in between. We can add MADI, full 2 wire I/O, POE capable switches and analogue XLR (or even bantam jack field) I/O. The build example on the right below is one of Absolute Broadcast's RTS ODIN matrix systems built especially to allow Absolute Broadcast's ROAMEO wireless belt pack systems to be used with OB vehicles or Fly pack de rigs who's RTS frames do not have OMNEO capability - ie Older ADAM '8 Port' frames, CRONUS, ZEUS or even Riedel Artist and Clear Com Matrix frames. This 3U flight cased system is light weight,  low noise and is easily accommodated in tight spaces such as the sound control rooms or even production galleries.

RTS ODIN up to 128 ports   single frame 

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Hire RTS ODIN OMNEO matrix
Rent RTS ODIN OMNEO matrix
Absolute Broadcast ODIN in 10U flightcas
Absolute Broadcast RTS ODIN Matrix front
Absolute Broadcast RTS ODIN Matrix Rear
Hire RTS ODIN Omneo Matrix Front.jpg
Hire RTS ODIN Omneo Matrix Rear.jpg

Weighing around 75KG, Absolute Broadcast's 10U shock mounted dual ODIN intercom matrix build packs a considerable punch for its size. With a potential 256 ports available this build allows the full capability of the superb new RTS design to shine through. This build has 32 legacy analogue panel ports (8 of these pictured are wired for XLR I/O  - these can be unplugged allowing the full 32 analogue ports to be used with legacy panels). Each ODIN matrix has been wired for local GPIO - 4 on each unit. Dante networking gives the units access via the Ferrofish A32 Dante to a potential count of 64 MADI ports (single mode unit) and a mixture of up to 32 analogue XLR ports, depending on how the Ferrofish A32 is set up. A total port count of 64 shared between MADI and Analogue is therefore available using this unit. Shipped with a laptop (stored in drawer at bottom of front of the flight case) this connects via the TPlink gigabit switch. With the latest AZedit, IPedit and Dante Controller software packages the whole system is ready for the user to plug and program. We can ship this unit with our RTS ROAMEO wireless belt pack system, the TPlink switch is set up for POE, thus powering the ROAMEO access points - RTS AP1800. This system will run the earliest analogue panels such as the KP96 to the very latest OMNEO KP Series panels such as the KP5032 and the KP4016. Absolute Broadcast is able to supply all the necessary panels, headsets, stalk mics, wireless and wired belt packs , power supplies and panel mounting pods. We can set these units up to exact Client specifications.

RTS ODIN starburst image