RTS FMI-4 Multiplexer

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The FMI-4 is a multiplexer featuring four RTS compatible four-wire intercom ports with keypanel data, Ethernet ports for OMNEO, along with serial data links on DB9 connectors for communication between intercom matrices and auxiliary devices.


Instead of wiring each analog keypanels to its corresponding matrix, the keypanels are connected to the optical network and can then be routed to the matrix via software. But not only the wiring of analog keypanels itself is simplified; a fiber connection also allows users to build various network topologies like a ring, star or daisy chain. The data streams are transmitted unaltered and uncompressed, with a fixed latency of only 41.6 µs – currently the lowest on the market. Various signals can be mixed and routed, such as analog audio, MADI, and Dante. Compared to copper-based networks, a fiber-based network architecture also offers greater bandwidth, lossless signal transmission over large distances and is unaffected by any electromagnetic field.


Once the multiplexers are interconnected in a dual fiber ring, the network is resilient to a single fiber failure. This prevents a single fiber fault from interrupting the signal between the matrix and the keypanels. The multiplexer devices also feature built-in dual power supplies on board, allowing a permanent connection to a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).


The complete system configuration is scalable and backwards compatible – it can be expanded at any time with the latest or legacy interfaces. Only a networked approach to media distribution allows an intercom system to be designed, configured and – if needed – redesigned with little additional effort and cost.


Digital audio requires synchronization. The most professional way to transport digital audio is via the synchronous network. The data and the clock are transported together in a synchronous manner and all devices connected to the network work with the same clock. The new multiplexers come with a built-in, highly stable word clock generator. In case of a failure of the word clock master, the FMI-4 multiplexer employs an automatic switching algorithm allowing every device to function as word clock master in a system. 

The RTS multiplexer models feature low power consumption and silent operation. They can even be used in recording studios, OB vans or theater productions with very high requirements for room acoustics.