RTS Headsets from Absolute broadcast

Absolute Broadcast RTS talkback panel kits, ROAMEO TR-1800 and BP-325 belt packs come with a choice of headsets - please specify when hiring

RTS HR-1 and RTS HR-2 

Hire RTS HR1 noise cancelling heavy duty headset
Hire RTS HR2 noise cancelling heavy duty headset

The HR-1 single-sided and HR-2 double-sided are medium-weight passive noise reduction headsets with dynamic noise-canceling microphones. The headset has a noise reduction rating of 21dB; suitable for use in a moderately noisy environment. The ergonomic moleskin-covered headband design distributes the ear cushion pressure evenly over the entire ear with no pressure points, ensuring hours of comfortable wear. An added advantage of this headset design is that it folds into compact form for ease of transport and storage.

RTS PH88 and CC26K

Hire RTS PH88 light weight headset
Hire RTS CC26K lightweight headset

The PH88 single-sided headset is an industry standard talkback headset and sets an industry benchmark in light weight headset sound quality. This is standard with our equipment. The RTS wired CC26K's are very good in high volume personnel turnover areas such as logging, and racks as they are virtually indestructible!