Absolute Broadcast has on rental stock the very latest OMNEO capable RTS panels, the KP5032, KP4016, DKP4016 and the OKI KP32 Classics. These compliment our range of OMNEO capable matrix frames RTS ADAM and the brand new RTS ODIN. Together with our RTS ROAMEO wireless belt pack system, and the new digital belt pack - DBP - we can now provide fully networkable IP RTS talkback systems to the rental market across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

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RTS KP series KP 5032
Hire RTS ROAMEO belt pack system
RTS ODIN intercom

OMNEO is an IP based media networking technology using standard ethernet networks, using 'off the shelf' network cabling infrastructure and equipment. Using suitably equipped RTS key panels such as the KP5032, KP4016, and OMNEO capable matrix frames such as the ADAM or ODIN, the OMNEO audio program and control system offers multichannel, full bandwidth audio with near zero latency, across an existing or purpose built network. Utilising Audinate’s Dante technology, this makes OMNEO compatible with any third party Dante-capable device such as Absolute Broadcast's rental Ferrofish A32 Dante.

Rent RTS ROAMEO system

The RTS ROAMEO wireless beltpack system is based on the license-free DECT standard which operates in a protected frequency band. ROAMEO provides high-quality audio with seamless OMNEO based matrix integration into RTS ODIN and RTS ADAM to a large number of simultaneous users across a wide area. State-of-the-art technology guarantees optimized sound performance. ROAMEO is suitable for a wide range of professional intercom applications where wireless communication is critical, including broadcast production studios, Outside Broadcasts and non broadcast live events. The system consists of the TR-1800 beltpacks, the AP-1800 access points. All Absolute Broadcast's rental ROAMEO kit comes fully flight cased with waterproof casings for the AP1800's.

RTS OKI OMNEO key panel interface card for KP32

RTS OMNEO key panel interfaces 'OKI' support single or multimode fibre connection and the dual ethernet ports allow panel network looping saving huge amounts of rigging and cabling time. All of Absolute Broadcast's 50 x KP32 classics are equipped with the OKI board.


RTS OEI-2 is an OMNEO interface that allows the use of NON OMNEO equipped RTS panels (analogue) across the network. Legacy panels such as KP12 and even KP96 are network enabled. IFB earpiece boxes, Foldback speakers and GPIO all across the network. Just like the KP5032, the RTS OEI-2 is fully configurable from IPedit. Absolute Broadcast has a number of these units on rental stock

RTS DBP Absolute Broadcast.jpg

DBP is a four-channel/four-button wired beltpack that runs on PoE+ (Power over Ethernet 802.3af and 802.3at) and connects using OMNEO IP technology. Its unique hybrid design supports both digital partyline and matrix keypanel modes: for use as a digital partyline device, DBP connects to an OMS; for use as a portable keypanel, including functionality like point-to-point communication, DBP can be connected to any RTS digital/IP matrix product using OMNEO – including OMI cards in ADAM/ADAM-M frames or OMNEO ports on ODIN frames. DBP automatically selects the correct mode of operation (digital partyline/OMS or keypanel/matrix) when connected and switched on.

DBP’s PoE-driven design gives it an unmatched level of scalability and makes it easy to add new users. In and Out PoE ports (two etherCON locking RJ45 connectors) allow up to six DBP devices to be daisy-chained together from the same PoE switch port when used in partyline mode. Up to 40 DBPs can be connected to an OMS, allowing for the creation of an extensive digital partyline system – all in addition to the other wired and wireless devices OMS supports. Depending on the matrix model/configuration, up to 64 DBPs can be connected to an OMI card for ADAM matrices, and up to 128 DBPs can be connected to one ODIN.

RTS OMNEO cat5 cable cat6 cable