RTS Matrix frames from Absolute Broadcast

Absolute Broadcast has 6 Matrix intercom Frames available on rental stock. From the very latest OMNEO capable ODIN and ADAM systems to the smaller RVON capable 32 x 32 CRONUS. These versatile and capable designs have been built in house by our RTS engineers who have many years of experience using the equipment. These have been rented out and sent around the world working on many very high profile productions, sometimes with our engineers and sometimes as straight dry hire. We offer comprehensive working knowledge of the AZedit and IPedit RTS programmes and practical networking skills with full engineering backup.

RTS ADAM with OMNEO, MADI, RVON and Analogue 880 x 880 max single frame

This RTS ADAM OMNEO matrix intercom frame allows the use of the multiple RTS channel cards such as the OMNEO OMI 64, MADI 64, AIO16 and RVON16. This Matrix frame can be interconnected with another ADAM frame using RTS Tri-Bus cards.

Absolute Broadcast can build these systems to client specifications from stock. The maximum capacity of this single frame is 880 ports with a maximum of 17 cards. As standard the 20U wheeled crate will arrive as pictured with GPIO 16, LCP102 and 2 talkback panels, together with comprehensive metering and monitoring.

The XLR patch panel carries the analogue I/O and the set up as pictured allows up to 48 x 4 wires. This is expandable. The analogue panel I/O is also expandable in blocks of 16.

OMNEO and RVON LAN distribution can be achieved if desired using SMPTE connecting the main frame to our specially designed network nodes. We can supply the necessary SMPTE. Standard network distribution can also be used. Dual power and controller redundancy as standard. This system will run Absolute Broadcast's ROAMEO wireless belt packs.

RTS ADAM with RVON and Analogue as shown 88 x 88 - additional cards available

This is Absolute Broadcast's Low current RTS ADAM Matrix intercom frame.

Like the RTS ADAM OMNEO matrix intercom frame, this unit is completely configureable to client specifications.

This had been built by our engineers to look and feel exactly like an Outside Broadcast vehicle or studio gallery RTS installation. Using a Bantam jack field this system comes supplies with bantam jack cords and XLR to bantam jack cords. The frame has built in all the familiar Outside Broadcast rack units such as the CTP 6 mix, giving 6 x line level mixers each with 6 x inputs and 2 x outputs. Also available on the jack field are 8 x gates, 4 x parallel strips and 6 x audio Distribution amplifiers offering 1 x input and 6 x outputs each.

The frame offers 40 analogue panels, 40 analogue 4 wires. The matrix is fully networkable allowing the use of RVON cards. As standard this unit comes supplied with an RVON 8. Absolute Broadcast can supply a further two RTS RVON ADAM cards. Full and comprehensive monitoring and metering, LCP 102, GPIO 16. This 20U shock mounted wheeled frame comes with a KP32 and a fully configured laptop as standard. Full dual power and dual system controller redundancy.