RTS Matrix frames from Absolute Broadcast

Absolute Broadcast stocks two of these RTS Cronus 32 x 32 way matrix systems. Each of the units has the master linking licensed controller cards and can therefore be linked together either by fibre or by Coax, (please specify), creating a 64 x 64 matrix. Absolute Broadcast CRONUS matrices will also link with other CRONUS matrix frames provided these too have the linking licence. Up to 4 frames can be connected together. With full network visibility these frames are offered with the option RVON C card. Wired for 4 way GPIO. Dual power redundancy. Comes with laptop running the latest versions of AZedit and IPedit. These RTS CRONUS matrices arrive in 10U shock mounted wheeled flight cases.

RTS CRONUS - RVON, Analogue with 32 ports (single frame) 128 ports (4 frames)

Hire RT CRONUS matrix
Absolute Broadcast RTS CRONUS in flightcase front
Absolute Broadcast RTS CRONUS in flight case rear
RTS CRONUS rear with RJ12 cards

Rear of RTS CRONUS 32 x 32 showing RJ12 AIO and coax interlinking card - MDR Back cards also available

RVON C 8 port Front / back card kits also available