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The SSA-424A Dual Digital Hybrid interfaces two Two-Wire intercom lines to two Four-Wire lines. Unlike earlier analog hybrids, the SSA-424A features advanced digital signal processing to achieve automatic nulling of the Two-Wire lines. Plus, each hybrid features convenient peak-reading level meters to quickly match the levels between the lines that are being interfaced. The result is easy and accurate setup. With the SSA-424A, all need for test tones, nulling adjustments and ducking adjustments have been eliminated. 

Absolute Broadcast's RTS SSA 424 system has been designed and built especially for use in Outside Broadcasts and Live events. Each dual hybrid interface has 2 x XLR 4 wire I/O and therefore will integrate into any matrix system using the analogue I/O of the connecting matrix. The 2W power is provided by the RTS PS15's and can power up to 10 x BP325's per dual channel unit

The RTS PS-20 is a complete independent TW (Two-Wire) power supply. The PS-20 features 2 and 4 channel operation, RTS monitoring, 2-channel program input, audio linking, and 3-mode operation: RTS 2-channel, RTS 4 channel and Clear-Com mode.

The PS-20 features two channels of communication where both channels are wet, meaning there is power on each channel (RTS 2-channel mode). In RTS 4 channel mode, the audio signals and DC exist on the same wire. The PS-20 can also be switched into Clear-Com mode. The PS-20 has a 3pin XLR (male) connector on the front of the system, where a RTS user station can connect and monitor activity on either or both channels. A single PS-20 power supply has 1.8 amps per channel which means the user can power up more stations. If additional user stations or beltpacks are needed, two PS-20’s can be joined together to double the power capability. A pair of standard stereo plug connectors are available on the back of the power supply to connect two PS-20’s through audio linking as well. The PGM IN (3-pin XLR female Program Input) connector can be used to send audio to both CH 1 and/or CH 2. 

Absolute Broadcast has 20 x BP325 in stock and can provide these with RTS HR-1 single sided noise cancelling headsets or RTS HR-2 dual sided noise cancelling headsets. The BP325 has both 4 and 5 pin headset capability. We also stock the PS31 and PS20.

We can build and spec systems to Client requirements and even build ODIN based systems that combine our ROAMEO wireless belt packs and wired BP-325's. This gives the flexibility of allowing key members of the production team to use the wireless belt packs and the standard fixed positions like follow spot or show caller to use the wired BP-325.