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Absolute Broadcast carries the whole range of outboard CEDAR Dialogue Noise Suppressor units, including the new Cedar DNS8 Dante

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CEDAR's Dialogue Noise Suppression technology is the standard for removing background noise from dialogue in studios. With near-zero latency, high-resolution processing, and a fast, intuitive user interface, it eliminates traffic noise, air conditioning, wind, rain, babble and general background noise from audio signals. It will also help to compensate for unfavourable acoustic conditions and poor microphone placement, and will even suppress excessive reverberation.

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CEDAR DNS8 multi channel dialogue noise suppressor with Dante
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Download: Cedar DNS8 Dante Manual

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The CEDAR DNS 8D has been designed specifically for broadcast and live sound. With eight channels of noise suppression, it hosts a new algorithm that marries the best of the machine learning and signal processing on which the DNS 8 Live and the DNS 2 dialogue noise suppressors are based. With its slick user-interface that includes standard and detailed modes of operation it offers better control than any previous dialogue noise suppressor, both from the front panel and from almost any web browser that can access its internal remote control software. With its near-zero latency and standard 4-pin 12VDC input in addition to universal mains power, it's suitable for use in all live situations - not just broadcasting, but also live sound in venues such as theatres, concert halls, conferences venues, and places of worship.

Dante® is the de-facto standard for media networking, distributing uncompressed, multi-channel digital audio via standard Ethernet networks with near-zero latency and perfect synchronisation. The DNS 8D is the first DNS with a Dante interface in addition to its AES3 audio connections (DB25 using the AES59 pin-out). With fail-safe AES3 audio bypass implemented in the form of hardware relays that immediately connect the inputs to the outputs in the event of a power failure or other significant disruption plus support for Dante's redundant mode of operation which helps to protect against network failure, it can be installed with confidence in critical paths anywhere within the audio chain.

AES breakout cable

Absolute Broadcast supplies a high-quality AES3 breakout cable for the DNS 8D, offering a DB25 connector at one end and 4 x XLR (female) plus 4 x XLR (male) at the other. This allows users to connect the DNS 8D to equipment using the traditional XLR format.


Download: Cedar DNS-2 Manual

The 2-channel DNS 2 is the first DNS designed specifically for portability and extreme simplicity of use. It hosts a new DNS algorithm that requires nothing more than switching on the Learn function that identifies and adapts to the background noise, and then dialing in the amount of noise attenuation required. Retaining the near-zero latency of all its predecessors, it's suitable for use in all situations - location recording, live-to-air broadcasting, live sound in venues such as theatres, concert halls, conferences venues, and places of worship, as well as studio work and post.

What's more, despite being so small and light that you can slip it inside your pocket or equipment bag, the DNS 2 offers analogue line and microphone inputs (the latter with optional 48V phantom powering), an AES3/AES11 digital input, and both analogue and digital outputs. This increases its flexibility even further, and its 12V power input means that you can use it in the middle of a field as easily as in the studio or the edit suite.

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Download: Cedar DNS 1500 Manual

The DNS1500 updates the style, design and performance of its Academy Award winning predecessor, the DNS1000. With an improved chassis and updated processors, it couples the perfect ergonomics of the DNS1000 with improved 2-channel performance and 96kHz capabilities. Installed in TV, film and post production studios the world over, it makes otherwise unusable interviews intelligible and saves huge costs in ADR. It is also a valuable tool in audio forensic investigation, used for cleaning audio signals in the lab and during live surveillance.

For users working in post, the DNS1500's near-zero latency means that they don't need to slip the audio against time-code, making it possible to use it in real-time on the dubbing stage. For location sound engineers (who do not have the luxury of random access to the material) the near-zero latency means that there is no loss of lip sync, either when recording or when broadcasting live to air. Furthermore, the combination of low latency and 24-bit fidelity means that users can leave the DNS1500 permanently in the signal chain without fear of signal degradation.

The DNS1500 is also a valuable tool in audio forensic investigation, used for cleaning tapes and for live surveillance. And in the audio forensic laboratory, it removes motor noise from small covert recorders, eliminating electrical interference, and helps to clean up recordings suffering from unfavourable acoustics and poor microphone locations.

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