RTS RVON from Absolute Broadcast

Absolute Broadcast has on rental stock all the following RTS RVON capable equipment:

Frame cards: ADAM: RVON 16, RVON 8 and CRONUS: RVON C 8

Panels: RTS KP5032, RTS KP4016, RTS DKP4016, DKP16CLD, KP32 Classic

Remote Interface: RVON I/O

RTS RVON16 card
RTS RVON-1 card for KP32

RVON - RTS Voice Over Network

RVON equipped panels in New York? RVON equipped Matrix in London? Connect using RVON technology. Once connected RVON panels will appear in AZedit just like locally connected panels.

RVON provides voice over IP communications for the RTS ADAM intercom family of products. RVON takes analog audio and converts it to digital VoIP audio. RVON is an integrated solution for connecting custom keypanels an RTS Intercom Matrix over standard IP networks by supporting up to 16 channels (ports) of Audio IN and OUT per card.

RVON supports all standard, hot-swappable and configurable options through Bosch’s IPedit configuration software, as well as support for remote keypanels and virtual keypanels via VoIP (voice over internet protocol). 

RTS RVON I/O front
RTS KP 5032

RVON also supports Bosch Intelligent Trunking over IP. Trunking is a method of using minimal audio paths for a large number of users. RTS Intelligent Trunking is a proven technology, which provides the same capabilities and ease of use for intercoms and the seamless routing of communications between facilities, regardless of distance.

RVON is fully compatible with internationally recognized standards and supports the following protocols: G.711, G.729A. and G.722 (2 speeds). 

RVON I/O Stage Box - Remote Production

Absolute Broadcast RVON I/O SMPTE stage box

Absolute Broadcast's RVON I/O network node stage boxes allow the connection of any NON RVON equipped panels to connect to an ADAM, a CRONUS or an ODIN matrix system over a LAN or WAN. Up to 8 analogue panels or 8 x 4 wires or a mixture of both can be connected across the network. Camera Tallies (GPIO) IFB's and Foldback speakers will all operate across a network using RVON technology. A superb remote production tool.