What is RTS audio and control software?

All RTS KP5032, RTS KP4016 panels from Absolute Broadcast come with the Audio and Control packages installed.

The Audio and Control Add-On Packages for the KP-5032/4016 greatly expand your keypanel and intercom system experience and capabilities. The Audio package delivers voice messaging for when a user has stepped away from a panel, additional OMNEO channels, additional equalization bands, and adjustable compression and noise gating. The Control package offers real-time control of keypanels from AZedit as well as from another keypanel. It also offers KP Configuration from AZedit, allowing you to upload a keypanel configuration from a keypanel, make changes to the configuration and then download it to one or multiple licensed keypanels across your system. In addition, it includes two ways of customizing the keypanel with downloadable chimes and downloadable screen savers. The picture shows not only the Audio and Control software installed indicator but also the additional RVON G722 codec installation 'R' indicator (visible only when the panel is in RVON mode)

RTS Audio and Control.jpeg
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