Absolute Broadcast: Terms of hire 2019 onwards

In the act of hiring of equipment from Absolute Broadcast Ltd the Hirer accepts the terms and conditions of hire as set out below.

The equipment hired shall at all times remain the sole property of Absolute Broadcast Ltd and the hirer will not sell, hire,         charge or lend with out specific written consent from Absolute Broadcast Ltd.

Absolute Broadcast Ltd shall be entitled to gain access to all or any of the equipment at any time through out the period of hire

The equipment on hire shall be at the sole risk of the Hirer from the time of collection by the Hirer or delivery by Absolute               Broadcast Ltd until the time of its return and the Hirer will assume responsibility for any damage caused to the equipment.             Should equipment be returned damaged we reserve the right to make extra hire charges until spare parts are available to make       repairs or in the event of irreparable damage complete replacement, to cover subsequent lost hire periods. Spare parts and time     will be charged on to the Hirer. The equipment hired must be secured at all times and the hirer is responsible for ensuring the         continuing security of equipment as far as is reasonable.

The hirer shall provide insurance on the equipment hired against all risks including loss or damage caused by theft. Evidence of       this insurance may be inspected at any time by Absolute Broadcast Ltd.

If the hirer is unable to show evidence of insurance (clause 5) then an additional charge will be made amounting to 12.5% of the     hire cost + VAT. This additional charge does not alter any of the terms and conditions of hire as contained herein.

Upon delivery or collection, all equipment must be signed for. The person signing will be responsible for the hired equipment.


Interest is charged on all overdue accounts (30 days) at the rate of 3% per calendar month and day by day from date of invoice.     Any discount negotiated at the time of hire is subject to full payment within 30 days of invoice. The discount is lost if the account     is settled outside 30 days and interest becomes payable in addition to the normal hire fees. 


Proof of identity: Photo ID required: Copy of Passport or driving license - and two utility bills with name and address – less than     three months old - (and if applicable company registration details) will be required before equipment is handed over

Deposit: Required on the equipment hire at a proportional value to its cost, which will be refunded to the hirer after inspection       of the equipment and after any subsequent deductions have been made for loss damage, etc.

The Hire cost of must be paid in full at the commencement of hire, this must be done by electronic bank transfer.

Equipment has been tested and will be supplied in working order, although defects can occur in transit and subsequently (which     may or may not affect the event, live or recorded) for which Absolute Broadcast Ltd cannot be responsible.

We will endeavor to make good any faults arising from normal wear and tear.

The Hirers are responsible for using the equipment in a way that the manufacturer intended. The equipment must also be used       in a safe manner. Absolute Broadcast Ltd accepts no responsibility for the consequences of any unsafe and improper use of             equipment.

All equipment to be returned or be ready for collection at dates and times agreed, late returns will be chargeable.

A cancellation fee may be chargeable if hire is cancelled within one working week of hire commencement date.

In the unlikely event of a failure of an item of hire equipment, please telephone or  email immediately so that we can resolve

the problem without delay. If we are not advised of failures during the period of hire the fee will still be chargeable

The equipment must be packed for return in the manner in which it was sent out. Mains leads must be packed away in a               manner that does not damage the equipment.

Absolute Broadcast Ltd is registered in the UK: Company Registration: 08140636 - VAT Number: GB688138784


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