RTS ADAM Frame Cards from Absolute Broadcast

RTS RVON 16 card

    • The RVON-16 Adam Frame card  provides VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications for the RTS ADAM Intercom product family. The RVON-16 is an integrated solution for connecting key panels to the Intercom matrix over standard IP networks by supporting 16 and 32 channels of bi-directional audio, as well as key panel data. The RVON 16 is a hot swappable card which supports all configurable options through RTS’ IPedit VoIP configuration software.
      The RVON-16 supports remote key panels, audio connections between matrix frames via ODIN, RVON +, RVON-16, RVON-8, or RVON-I/O, as well as virtual key panels via VoIP.
      A DB-9 serial connection is available for RS-232 or RS-485 pass-thru port connections.

    • 16 channels of bi-directional audio expands the connectivity of the ADAM Intercom and RVON-16 card. Each channel has configurable network and bandwidth parameters to accommodate individual network functions, as well as ancillary data for keypanels and trunking control. A purchasable upgrade option is available to expand from 16 channels to 32 channels.

    • The RVON-16 card supports two fibre connections

    • Multiple RVON devices can be viewed simultaneously and independently of the frame in which they are located using IPedit software.

    • Provides a virtual serial connection via an IP connection. Which, if used with trunking, may eliminate the need formultiple IP resources

RVON matrix interface card for ADAM