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Hire Fel Mini MicBooster Amplifier


  • Flat frequency response, low noise

  • No batteries, mains, switches, knobs, or any controls

  • Pocket size

  • Neutrik alloy case, gold plated Neutrik XLR connectors

  • 20 dB of mic level gain

  • Operates from 12-48 V phantom power

  • Input (female XLR) connector

  • XLR Extended - can be connected directly to a microphone (for example an ECM77 Barrel or panel mounted XLR)

Operational Guidelines

  • The preamplifier is designed to boost low level mic signals before they go into the microphone input of a recorder or sound mixer. It is not designed to amplify a signal to line level.
    At levels above -10 dBu distortion will begin to occur.

  • The preamplifier is best positioned as close to the microphone as possible maximising signal to noise. Powered from 12 to 48 volt phantom power. It cannot be used with other forms of microphone power.

  • Example of use: Great for pushing induced 12v Transformer lighting buzz beneath the noise floor when rigging mics on studio sets