Commentary Boxes & Kits from Absolute Broadcast

All commentary box kits from Absolute Broadcast come with a choice of either a Coles 4104 Lip mic or a Sennheiser HMD 26 Headset

Glensound GSGC5 ISDN
Glensound GSGC5 Commentary Box from Absolute Broadcast
  • Triple User ISDN commentary box

  • Connects directly to ISDN S Bus

  • APTX & G722 codecs

  • 4 input mixer....3 Mics and 1 Tape

  • Feeds for 2 Headphones

  • Very Portable Self Contained Unit

  • Battery Operated...3xD cells last up to 10 hours!!!

  • Also with Mains 240v operated power supply 

The Glensound GSGC5 is an outside broadcast mixer ideally suited to news gathering or sporting events. Using digital bandwidth compression techniques it provides 7.5kHz bandwidth circuits between the studio and the outside broadcast site using a single ISDN2 B channel. Absolute Broadcast's Glensound ISDN GSGC5 Commentary boxes come with  G722 and ATPX codecs.

Fully self contained, the GSGC5  is compact, flexible and easy to operate. Just plug into an ISDN2 S bus, dial the studio and be ready to broadcast. Facilities are provided for two commentators, an effects mic and a tape machine. An internal DTMF generator is used to generate ringing, dialling, engaged and other tones. This generator can also be used, after a call has been established, to signal the studio. A DTMF detector and sounder are also fitted so that the studio can signal the commentator.

Mic inputs, mixer and cue outputs are transformer coupled and provided on XLRs. The mixer output is even line drive capable and in the absence of an ISDN line the cue output automatically becomes a cue input, so the equipment can be used on analogue lines. Comprehensive software enables customers to configure the unit to suit their exact needs and up to 12 telephone numbers can be stored in non volatile RAM. Although normally battery operated a connector is fitted for an external DC supply.

rent Glensound GSGC5 ISDN Commentary Box
Sennheiser HMD 26 Headset
Coles Lip Mic 4104